Hold your horses! We are not there yet!

First of all hello and welcome to the home of MixWP WordPress Theme Framework!
If you by chance landed on this page let me tell you short what's this all about.
We will releasing soon a WordPress Theme Framework that by our opinion is something never seen before.

Our main focus is:
- Flawless integration into WordPress core and intuitive usage.
- Page Speed
- Search Engine Optimization
- Easy customization

As we speak we are in the process of testing and tweaking. You might see some new posts here with different tutorials as we posts them during the process of tests. If you want to try out the theme and be notified when it will me made public feel free to subscribe to our newsletter (powered by Google Feedburner).

This post will be deleted after the release.

Register Sidebars in Child Themes

When creating a child theme for MixWP framework you have the possibility to register custom widget areas (or generically called sidebars) beside the ones already existing in the parent theme. These sidebars are usually used for custom homepages.

Unlike the regular way of registering sidebars in WordPress themes we made this process a lot more easier for MixWP child themes trough a hook. Continue reading "Register Sidebars in Child Themes"